poured my own latte to go. 
hell yes to a good day.

poured my own latte to go.
hell yes to a good day.


we’re slow dancing in a burning room.


we’re slow dancing in a burning room.

Bistro Che Fio, Brunei

This is the third time this week that I’ve visited Bistro Chez Fio.
Tucked in between Netzone Cafe and Bridgelink Enterprise, Bistro Chez Fio also sits right across Petlink, Kuilap.


I’m always welcomed by Fiona’s warm hello and the smell of freshly baked (flavour of the day) muffins.


In one word, Chez Fio, is quaint. Wooden tables and chairs, jazz swimming through the air and two Canadian flag sitting proudly at the front counter.

According to Fiona, “Bistro Chez Fio started off as just a dream that one day I would open a business in the food industry.” Having lived most of her life in Vancouver, Fiona brings her heart for Vancouver to share with us here in Brunei. 


To start, I had my usual order of miniature coffees. A tray of four different styles; latte cappuccino, macho and one with a little surprise.



I know I always talk about decreasing my caffeine intake, but now that Chez Fio is just within a ten minutes drive from my way to work, it’s really hard to say no.


Since her opening in January, Chez Fio changes her menu once in every few months. Keeping the Canadian favourites like poutine and constantly adding in something new for her customers to try, as well as for the chefs to make. Good to keep everyone on their toes.


PB Extreme Burger is my current favourite on the lunch menu. Sink your teeth into a juicy beef patty, topped with cheese, a crunch from the crispy beef rashes and a unique peanut butter sauce that just gives it an extra punch of delicious.



Even though Hui Ting, Abi and I were stuffed after sharing two mains and two sides, I could not resist ending our meal with the dessert special of the day; Chez Fio’s signature cheesecake. It was love at first bite.

I quickly called Fiona over and asked her what she added into the cheesecake. She answered, “cinnamon and.. sweet potato” Sweet potato! And my heart swooned. I love it when a not so typical ingredient is added in something we’re all so used to.


It’s easy to lose track of the world outside while you’re in the bistro. There have been times when I leave the out the door, and I have forgotten how hot it is outside or where I parked my car.


Kudos to Fiona and her team for making an effort to serve every meal with friendly smiles and warm conversation (which to me, is just as important as the food and ambience). All that said, I already look forward to my next visit and definitely to explore the rest of the new menu (especially for their soft shell crab burger).

food: 3.9 Choos. 
drink: 3.7 Choos, coffee. 
service: 4 Choos.
feel: 3.8 Choos out of 5. 

Bistro Chez Fio (www.facebook.com/bistrochezfio)
Unit 13, Ground Floor,
Block A, Q-lap Complex,
Kg. Kuilap, BE 1518
Mon – Sun, 8am – 6pm
Closed on Fridays, 12pm - 2pm
223 4933
instagram: @bistrochezfio

written for Projek Brunei.

The Little Mule Cycle Co. & Cafe, Melbourne

How do I like to spend my mornings in Melbourne?
Making my way through alley ways, with the hope of finding a good cup of coffee.
The sun was up, and the sky blue. A rare and beautiful 23 degrees as my legs took me right to Somerset Pl.


Drawn by the contemporary jazz music playing from inside, and the friendly waitress that wished me a good morning as she prepared fresh breakfast rolls.

Exactly what my morning needed.
I sat myself comfortably along the bar.


This is a bike shop, that is also a coffee shop. I admire the walls decorated with bicycles, while trying to find the connection between mules, bikes and coffee.


My coffee arrived; a long mac.
The first sip, made me smile. This is a good cup of coffee, I said to myself. I look at the small menu and noticed that it is actually a supreme south blend – a dry spice aroma with low acidity finishing with strong notes of malt and chocolate.
I’m not a coffee expert, I usually just go by what my taste buds perceive as “oh, this is good” and “oh, not to my taste”.

I actually did not intend to order food while I was here; hoping to save my stomach for when I meet a friend a little later on in the day.
But as I heard the words, “pulled pork sandwich” float through the air,
my eyes automatically caught the waitress preparing the bread on a plate and mounting it with just cooked, steam still wavering up, shredded pork.
I said to her, “that looks good”. And she commented back that it really is. And just like that, I was convinced and got one.


No regrets.
The generous sandwich also came with salted crisps and a gherkin.

food: 4.2 Choos.
drink: 4.2 Choos, coffee.
service: 4 Choos.
feel: 4 Choos out of 5.

Overall, a great find. 

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Von Haus, Melbourne.

an alley way gem. 
tucked away, and slightly hidden from most of the hustle and bustle of the city.
a quaint pitt stop to start my day.  

walk through, and if you’re welcomed by a deer head mounted on the wall, you know you’re in the right place. 

I take a seat by the window, 
and catch myself taking glances every now and then at the vase of fresh flowers on center communal table. 

the friendly waitress brings my cappuccino, with a side of honey. 
and what i notice right away is the scent of cinnamon, dusted on top of my coffee.
this is new.

I’m not usually fond of cinnamon, but for some reason, this combination just hit the spot for me today. 

I’ve fallen in love in a coffee shop.  


eat: -
drink: 3.9 Choos out of 5, coffee.
service: 4 Choos out of 5.
feel: 4 Choos out of 5. 

overall, lovely.

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so i’ve been away in Melbourne for the past two weeks, coming three. 
a mile of cold days, with short breaths of warm. 
but good coffee is plenty over here, so it makes wearing four/five layers a day out worth it.  

happy eating.  

"do what you love, and do it often."so I’m back,readier than ever to eat/Choo on. i’m Angel. food, adventure and words,(and the occasional dose of sunshine), are what get me by.   I document everything here with my iPhone, Mr. Brightside,and my four years and still running strong Macbook, Tofu.  

"do what you love, and do it often."

so I’m back,
readier than ever to eat/Choo on. 

i’m Angel. 
food, adventure and words,
(and the occasional dose of sunshine), are what get me by.   

I document everything here with my iPhone, Mr. Brightside,
and my four years and still running strong Macbook, Tofu.